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If you love sketches and getting a look at others' creativity - or you love to nosy around in peoples' notepads and doodles - you will love Book By Its Cover. It's a site littered with inspiring artwork and artist information. My favourite part of the site is getting to peer into oodles of artists' sketchbooks. The site creator, Julia Rothman, finds artists and gets them to reveal the inner workings of their creativity on her blog for all to see! If you haven't checked it out yet I really recommend it. Here's a taste of the fun you'll find there.

From the sketchbook of Kaye Blegvad via Book By Its Cover

From the sketchbook of Lou Medel via Book By Its Cover

From the sketchbook of Mattias Adolfsson via Book By Its Cover

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Haze said...

very cool!


Anonymous said...

hey you pretty girl - thank you for stopping by my blog and your comment on my post - I've answered your comment there - so come back and check it out. you have nice blog :)

Artfully Awear said...

I'm a new follower & THIS IS AMAZING. Thank you so much for sharing--I'm always on the lookout for new places to find inspiration for my own blog and I can't wait to delve into this site! Thank you!!!

Miss Ribeiro said...

I've discovered Book by its cover a while ago and I love it. It's voyeurism with permission :) Love it, just like I love your blog!

le sorelle said...

how cool is this?! i've never heard of that site - looks like something i'd totally love. these are really inspiring!

now following via bloglovin' :)

sorelle in style

FashionFreak/Mihaela said...

I love this :]

My blog♥mfashionfreak

That Girl in Pearls said...

How interesting! I Love this. I always buy journals but rarely do anything with them.... whoops!

Hope you have a wonderful day, Love.
That Girl in Pearls

marialĪµ said...

wow! love the ones from Mattias Adolffson
My Fashion Bug

Sarah Whitney said...

So cool! Love the different eyes!

aki! said...

These covers are very pretty and slightly eerie.

Thanks for following me!

Camilla said...

these are all so magical!

x Camilla


DressMeUp-DressMeDown said...