desert heat

I recently got back from a trip to Arizona - and with the absolutely miserable weather I've been experiencing at home, I felt the need to relive my desert vacation. Enjoy - and summer, please come sooner!

Lonely at the bus stop :)

Canadians watching Canuck hockey in the desert! Go Vancouver!

Caesars. Extra spicy.


neusparkle said...
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neusparkle said...

canon camera..only the best!

i can't figure out how to follow you but i would like to!


fromblank said...

hey girl great shots! thanks for visiting. loving your blog, i'm following you.

you should follow me too if you like. x


winnie said...

I would love for you to follow me! I still need to set myself up with bloglovin but for now I think the easiest way is to 'follow' in the top left hand corner of my page on the blogger header bar :) and of course, I will follow you back!
Thanks for visiting :)

Isabel.L said...
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Isabel.L said...

Hi, thanks for stopping by and for your sweet comment:)

I went to Arizona last summer and it was soooooo hot, it almost burnt me away, haha ~~

following you now, i'm very happy if you follow me back:)

have a lovely day!


:: katie :: said...

Thanks for following me. Am now following you. I LOVE that 'Can't stop me' picture!