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Going through old magazines recently, I came across my stack of remaining ElleGirl magazines - what a trip! Does anyone else remember this mag? I was a big fan when it first came out 2001 (ten years ago, wow). Anyway here's one of my favourite spreads from the Spring 2002 issue. More ElleGirl to come!


What Sadie Did said...

I love these pics!! I find myself at the hairdressers sometimes reading a mag and loving the fashion spreads in it, and then look at the date to see it's 5 years old!! It's mad how these magazines are like a time warp of fashion but the trends come back around so quickly!

Sadie x

Leigh said...

hahahahha oh my gosh yes! i remember that magazing-my older sister used to get it and i thought she was so cool! hahah so funny :)


She's Under the Spell said...

Gorgeous, I love looking through old magazines and still feeling so inspired.


Anonymous said...

such a fun shoot, amazing colors for spring
xx http://highwaiisted.blogspot.com

Lupe said...

Wow, that make-up is so cool :D
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Haze said...

OMG I remember this magazine. I remember crimp hair was also in style, so much so that I have a hair crimper that hasn't been use in so ages!

songbird said...

just to think it is 10 years!love the styling of this cover!


BrigitaO said...

love the styling, creation in the pics!

Larissa said...

The photos are so cool! Like grunge meets high fashion on spring =)
thanks for your comment!


Isabel.L said...

ten years, just enough time for us to look back and find it's beauty again :)


Rebel Attitude said...

Those pics are fabulous!!

Kisses, I follow from Spain!!

Paola said...

answer:thank you so much for your lovely comment!!!*_*!!


Diary of Mia said...

very nice editoial!