kawaii 2003

I love Japanese fashion - growing up and seeing fashion spreads like this would always fascinate me. The April 2003 issue of ElleGirl featured this Tokyo style and I thought I'd share considering I've been scanning in lots of pages of old ElleGirls. Sorry about the cutout pieces - guessing this issue was a collage victim.

A good friend of mine is moving to Japan soon and I'm really hoping to visit. As soon as she told me she was moving I pictured visiting and us eating Mcdonald's in Tokyo... did I just re-imagine that image from above? Strange.


Tamra of walkswithBella said...

Hi Winnie, thanks for visiting! I love Japanese Fashion as well. That is great you have a friend to visit out there!

xo tamra

Precious said...

Japanese fashion is fabulous! Great pics!


Nomadic D. said...

Cute editorial! Oddly enough I just dreamt the other night that I was visiting a friend in Japan and we went to McDonalds! Weird, right? Thanks for your comment on my blog!


Meagan said...

Great spread. Thanks for sharing it. I've always been fascinated by Japanese street style!