lingerie onesies

I love Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian. Not only are they absolutely hilarious/ ridiculous... they've got some amazing high-end style. After watching Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami, I fell in love with Kourtney's lingerie rompers.

After looking everywhere (Victoria's Secret, Frederick's of Hollywood, LaSenza), I still couldn't find a similar onesie... until one fateful day on vacation in Arizona I found these perfect, and perfectly priced, lingerie rompers! Below are the rompers I found by Gilligan & O'Malley at Target. I bought the teal and navy ones and never looked back :)

I'm sure the bubble monster would love these rompers as much as I do... haha ohh Kardashians..


Precious said...

Lol I love the Kardashians! Cute rompers!


le sorelle said...

oh how cute are those rompers?! i actually love them more than kourtney's! great find

sorelle in style

Meagan said...

Those are super cute. I have a couple pajama rompers I found at K-Mart of all places by Joe Boxer. They're super casual, with big plaid print, but sooo comfortable. I wear them all the time.

Haze said...

Cute rompers! I bought a lingerie romper from F21. It was less than $20. It's pretty cute, I haven't worn it though. I don't know how practical it really is.


are you dressing up or dressing down said...

arh such lovely finds, thanks for sharing :).

Helen, X

Shelby said...

great post, i love lingerie rompers but haven't found any that i really like on myself! these ones are so cute, i can't believe they're from target!! thanks so much for stopping by my blog, following you and i hope you'll follow me back <3shelby


Haley said...

Cute! I saw those at Target too, but sadly I lack the proportions to wear a romper without a wedgie. Stupid long torsos... :-/

Haley @ Cardigan Junkie

BrigitaO said...

cute rompers!

Agata said...



Angela said...

J'aime les photos!!!! Supers!!!

Angela Donava

Sarah said...

They really do have some great style!



Lindsay With An "A" said...

I completely agree with you!! I noticed those nighty rompers when watching the show, too! I loved them... great post girl! Thanks for visiting my blog, too! xx