never hide

Ray Ban's Never Hide advertisements are one of my favourite advertising campaigns. I love the colour combinations, the slogan - everything. They've been around a while but I always go back to them because they are so inspirational. What's more fun to look at than fashionable, colourful artwork? And with Ray Bans being on the expensive side - for now, I can only lust after them. It's still dollarstore sunglasses for me.


le sorelle said...

the campaign really is awesome, and the sunglasses are even MORE awesome! i love my ray bans, and even though they're higher-priced, they're totally worth it - they're super cute and protect my eyes like no other sunglasses can! (i'm allllllways wearing my wayfarers on my blog!)

sorelle in style

winnie said...

It is so true, my brother has a pair and they are such better quality than any other brand I've tried. Definitely on my wishlist!

Haze said...

I agree, great ads. I love Raybans they are so timeless.