weekend in pictures

Though I worked Friday and Saturday this weekend, I still managed to have a little fun...

Friday Night: 
Out on the town.. eventually..

Saturday Night: 
"Swank Haus Party" complete with shiny gold shirt.

Hottest day at the pool & wettest evening on the golf course. My friend literally had his club fly out of his hand into the lake. Never. Laughed. Harder.


Sausage Jar said...

The 3rd picture says it all! haha, luv it!

Haze said...

looks like you had a great weekend!


Sara Shoemaker said...

looks like a fun weekend!! :) cool hair flip pictures haha

House of Shoes

Hayley said...

looks like a really good weekend. I am in love with your sheer top its beautiful and so is your hair you lucky thing. Awesome post. I am definitely your newest follower =)