where sand and sky meet

My boys of summer. A beautiful cloudy day at the beach. Pictures are not what they could be but they were captured with an underwater camera - so worth it to not risk breaking another digital camera :)

an affair to remember


hurricane drunk

"I'm going out, gonna drink myself to death. And in the crowd, I see you with someone else. I brace myself cause I know it's going to hurt - But I like to think at least things can't get any worse."


sign design

A project from my Winter semester sign design class, featuring a threshold version of my friend Katie.


henri privat-livemont

Ever since I saw a poster of Henri Privat-Livemont's artwork I've been in love. Just look at the fonts he created! I was in need of some inspiration and thought to look up more of his artwork and why not share?

And my absolute favourite piece: Absinthe Robette
I have this poster hanging in my room - I love everything about it.


we are hunted

I've been completed addicted these last two days to We Are Hunted - a site containing the best of new music. My computer is in major need of more space after the downloading spree I went on after finding so many new artists on this site! I may be behind the times on this one - it's so great I find it hard to believe people haven't been raving about it forever, but at least I found it now. I found it via Nylonia, a Nylon Magazine blog (which is also amazing). I fully recommend checking it out, you will not be disappointed.


motown night

Can't miss a good motown night! Wish I got some better photos of my outfit.. without me making weird faces.. but I didn't. The denim jacket was actually my friend's and I insisted he let me try it on - it was such a gorgeous night, no jackets were necessary. Enjoy :)

city of waterfalls

As many of you might not know, my hometown (or the city it's a part of at least) is the waterfall capitol of the world. This may be quite hard to believe because Hamilton, Ontario is also well known as 'Steel City' - a majorly polluted steel manufacturing hub - but in fact, Hamilton is home to a plethora of waterfalls. Because of the escarpment, Hamilton houses over 120 waterfalls. Many of them are small,  but there are several that are literally breathtaking. In the summer, a popular day trip with my friends will be to a random waterfall with a picnic or barbeque. It wasn't as hot out as we had hoped today, so we didn't actually make it under the waterfall, but a friend and I had a fantastic photo shoot at a waterfall near my house anyway.

This particular waterfall is Sherman Falls; it's popular but not quite as high as some of the other ones in Hamilton. Many more waterfall adventures to come this summer!